Pro Float Inc | The Story of Pro Float Inc. Part One
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The Story of Pro Float Inc. Part One

The Story of Pro Float Inc. Part One

Promote the float. That’s our mantra. It’s the foundation of Pro Float Inc., communicates perfectly what we started off hoping to accomplish and drives our business forward every day as well. Every company has a story, and ours is one we hold near and dear to our hearts because it motivates us to keep inspiring others to bring floating into their lives.

In a few weeks, we will be headed to the Rise Float Conference in St. Louis, MO. Rise is one of the largest float conferences in North America and we’re excited to announce that our founders Donna and Chris Petrovics will be speaking on the second day (Sunday, April 22nd) at 11:00 am. It’s amazing for these two to be speaking at a conference when it was ultimately conferences that inspired us to build a business around floating, and then where Pro Float Inc. acquired our first customers.

There’s a story behind Chris attending his first conference and getting into floating, and we’ve decided to tell that tale in a three-part blog series. Welcome to Part One, about the very beginnings of Pro Float Inc.

Years ago, Chris Petrovics was far removed from what his professional expertise now encompasses. Before joining the float community, Chris spent eight years in the window and door industry and three years in the pizza business. Careers aside, for a long time he had suffered from chronic upper back pain, and in the Spring of 2014, decided to look into alternative methods of pain relief.

The online consensus about sensory deprivation is that the practice is positive and has plenty of benefits for mental and physical ailments like chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. A quick Google search of “floating,” “float tanks,” and “float centres” will provide thousands of articles and user experiences suggesting people who put faith in floating, generally emerge feeling better than ever, experiencing benefits than just ailment relief.

Chris spent hours researching and finally decided to hop in a float tank and see if it worked for his pain problems. Of course, he felt amazing after his float and instantly said to Donna: “I’ve got to build one of these.”

After multiple trips to town to partake in float sessions, the idea of building his own tank became increasingly enticing. One day while bored at work, Chris sketched out a tank that he then began constructing in his parents’ garage.

That’s where the idea of building tanks for people opening a float centre began. Although Chris understood that floating may not be for everyone, he was excited to make others excited about his new discovery. He was excited to promote the float.

There’s way more to the story so stay tuned for Part Two of the series where you’ll learn about the incredible float community and how Pro Float Inc. really started to come together as a business.


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