Pro Float Inc | The Before and After Are Crucial to the Float
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The Before and After Are Crucial to the Float

The Before and After Are Crucial to the Float

Do you remember your first float experience? How did you feel? Like most first-time floaters, you were probably looking forward to feeling relaxed, but also a bit nervous. Stepping into a float tank is a very unique experience, one veteran floaters may forget can be intimidating. That said, the float centre customer service given to you before your float and the atmosphere of the centre both probably helped to calm you before stepping into the tank.

Creating a relaxing environment for all of your customers, beginner or expert, before they head into a sensory deprivation tank is essential to helping them achieve a state of mindfulness during their float.


Atmosphere is Important

Overly bright lights, loud music and grey or drab décor will not do much to help your clients enjoy their float. You want customers to feel as if they’re entering a spa not a tattoo shop. Decorate using soft, warm colours and by adding greenery throughout your centre to make it feel peaceful and alive. Lighting should be bright enough for everyone to see, but dark enough to make people feel at ease and comfortable. Ensure music is calm, minimal and on the quiet side and that the layout of your reception area is easy to navigate. If your customers get lost when they walk into the building they’ll already be starting off their float experience frazzled.


Offer Some Free Extras

Customers are paying handsomely to use your facilities and should therefore reap all the benefits of floating at their fullest. Some extras that will be of small expense to you but add a nice touch and enhance the float experience may be worth the investment. We’re talking ear plugs and swim caps for the actual float and free towel service, robes, slippers, soap and lotion for after. This way guests won’t feel stressed out if they’ve forgotten anything because you provide it all on location.


Pass on Some Wisdom

The best way to ensure your clients get the full float experience is to give them some tips before they head into their float room. For example, a pre-float shower should be on the cool side so the water in the tank doesn’t feel cold to touch when they get in. It’s also a good idea to either email or call each client the day before their appointment not just to remind them of their scheduled time but also to advise against caffeine consumption, technology use and shaving for as long as possible before their float.


Include a Post-Float Room in Your Renovations Plan

While determining how many rooms you’ll need for your centre, make sure to include one area designated to post-float relaxation. Have a basket of different herbal tea bags set up next to a kettle and mugs so customers can enjoy a hot drink. A massage chair or two is a great idea if you can afford them as well. Keep some pamphlets around the room that focus on alleviating anxiety, the benefits of floating and what floaters can expect to experience upon leaving the float centre. Keep this room at a favourable temperature and make sure lighting is only bright enough for people to read. Also post a few “No Cellphone” signs around the room to deter folks from immediately logging onto their mobile devices. At first this may seem annoying, but it will enable your guests to enjoy a longer feeling of calm.


There is definitely an art to floating, and that art includes preparation before, plus proper care after a session. To help each of your customers receive the full benefits of their float, don’t neglect the finer details. The more relaxed and mindful your customers feel throughout their entire time in your float centre, the more likely they are to buy a membership or become repeat customers.

If you have any questions or would like more suggestions on opening a float centre, Pro Float Inc. is always here to help you ‘promote the float’!