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Soundproofing Your Centre

Soundproofing Your Centre

Picture this: you walk into the room where your sensory deprivation tank awaits you. You’re looking forward to being alone and clearing your mind after a long, stressful day at work. You prepare yourself and step into your tank. It’s pitch black and silent. You slowly start slipping into a mindfulness that ultimately leads to feeling totally balanced and relaxed. All you hear is your breath. But all of a sudden the faint murmur of a client in the lobby wanders into range. “What is she saying?” you think to yourself. “I wonder if she’s ever floated before. Maybe she’ll be using this tank after I’ve finished”. Before you know it you’ve left your meditative state and you’re back at square one.

If you’re opening a float centre, chances are you’ve found a space with a variety of rooms to house your float tanks. Perhaps you’ve decided to decorate in a minimalistic fashion to help your clients feel more at ease while preparing for their float. However, no amount of decoration or atmosphere can send a person into relaxation mode the way silence can. That’s why ensuring your tank rooms are properly soundproofed is incredibly important.

For those of you having issues with soundproofing, don’t fret! There’s hope for you yet. Here are a few soundproofing tips to help silence centres with even the thinnest of walls.


Airtight is Right

Beware of any drafts coming into the room. Whether air is entering through a crack under the door or poor sealant in your windows, if you can feel a breeze you will definitely be able to hear sound as well. Caulk everything that you can including electrical boxes, light fixtures, plumbing lines and any cracks you find in walls and trimming.

Ensuring all windows are properly installed is an essential part of keeping your centre soundproofed from the noises of the parking lot and street. Even if there aren’t windows in the tank rooms, keeping the ones in reception well-caulked is a great step to eliminating street noise from the centre. Double-paned windows with vinyl frames should be chosen for all windows in your centre from the get-go to block out invasive car honks and engine revs from the outside world.


Your Poor Doors

It’s definitely worth it to invest in heavy doors that sound will be less likely to travel through. Ensure all your doors have sweeps or if you’re able to, invest in automatic door bottoms—they lower to fit exactly to the ground when the door is closed keeping sound out more effectively than regular sweeps.


Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

A great idea for soundproofing is opting to install actual soundproof insulation (a denser version of fibreglass insulation). There are a few brands you can find in your local hardware store such as Roxul Safe’n’Sound insulation. Air gaps will provide the best value, but will also take away that much needed floor space. The industry standard is called a double studded wall and more information on this can be found on the Float Tank Solutions Blog. 

Add Some Extras

It never hurts to add a little extra padding to your soundproofing plan. The biggest challenge will come from reducing the low vibrational sounds (ie: heavy base music, motorcycle, neighbours, etc) that emit through the floor or concrete slab, versus, the high vibration sounds (ie: customers talking, foot steps, etc).  Opt for tiled walls when decorating float rooms and find a few wall hangings or tapestries to put up around the space as well. You can even find sound control curtains to add to windows or hallways. Every little bit helps and in the end the space will look fuller and more desirable too.


Don’t forget that your tanks shouldn’t be directly on the floor. We can help you out with that one. We’ve got 100% Recycled Anti-Vibration Mats you can purchase online or shipped with your Pro Float Cabin. They’re ½” thick and can be customised to fit any float tank size. Check out our online shop for accessories or contact us today for more tips on soundproofing your centre. We’re always here to help!