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Introducing the Pro Float Cabin

There is so much more we would love to share about our Pro Float Cabins and additional float industry products! Please connect with us by booking a phone call, subscribing to our newsletter, or submitting a contact form. All pricing and additional information will be sent to you as soon as possible. We look forward to helping answer any questions you may have about the float industry.


The Float Room or Float Cabin style has become very popular in the float industry due to the ability accommodate a vast range of floaters. The Pro Float Cabin door placement can be either an end door or side door set up, while the filtration system is compact enough to be placed in multiple positions inside or outside the room. The structure is crated and shipped as six components plus the filtration, which allows it to be installed easily into existing rooms and prevent the additional costs for construction.


These beautiful Pro Float touch screen keypads can be installed anywhere in your building. Customers love the simplicity and ease of this touch screen keypad and the sleek professional design. Hooked up to LED Lights and Underwater sound transducers this keypad is your one stop place for all necessary filtration, maintenance, and heating requirements. The one touch button controls will allow you to easily begin any float session and let the Pro Float Cabin to work its magic!


What is heating the water to maintain a consistent temperature during a float session? This is a very important question to ask and feature to understand when doing your research on float tanks. Our proprietary Pro Float Heating displays a temperature accuracy of +/- 0.1 Fahrenheit, ensuring you don’t need to overwork your filtration system throughout the day and evening and providing the option to host any duration of floating experience.

Additional Floatation Industry Products

FlowVis Flow Meter

Pro Float Inc is the official Float Industry Distributor for the only NSF Certified FlowVis C-Saline Flow Meter. This product is new for 2017. Ingenious in concept and flawless in operation, FlowVis® C-Saline is revolutionizing the way float centre owners and operators measure flow. FlowVis® C-Saline is the most accurate, reliable, NSF certified flow meter ever developed for the float industry.


Available for $195 CDN — BUY NOW

Pro Float Heating System

2017 is being kicked off with a newly released Pro Float Heating 2.0 proprietary system. The great news is that Pro Float Heating is now SOLD SEPARATELY available for both Fibreglass Float Tanks and Traditional Float Tanks utilizing a waterbed heater and liner system (Oasis, Samahdi, etc). Simply plug it into any standard outlet (110V/15A – GFCI Required) and allow the digital display showcase the +/- 0.1 degree accuracy. Contact us for more information and book a call to review the details.



Pro Float Filtration System

The Pro Float Filtration is becoming known as the go-to filtration for DYI, Float Room, or Existing Float Tank Upgrades. Now SOLD SEPARATELY This commercial and residential filtration comes in a sleek and compact design (W24” x L48” x H24”) with an easy access top opening lid. The Pro Float Filtration is highly efficient and one of the quietest on the markets. The Pro Float Filtration uses a high end centralized Spa Pak to control and power all of the components (240V/30A/GFCI) with a one cord plug in. Our system comes with all the bells and whistles – UV, Ozone, Pump, Digital Tablet Controller, Bluetooth/3.5mm Audio Jack Stereo, Interior LED Lights, and so much more! Underwater Sound Transducers, Interior Fittings, and Installation are not included and sold separately. All components are UL compliant and the entire Pro Float Filtration & Heating system are Electrically Field Inspected (SPE-1000-3) prior to shipping and installation.



100% Recycled Anti-Vibration Mats

We are very proud to introduce a 100% Recycled Vulcanized Rubber that can efficiently and economically control structure born noise and resonant vibration. These high end 1⁄2” thick mats can be customize to the size of your flotation product. They are non-absorbent, extremely durable, provides insulation, able to handle the high concentrations of salt, and will not lift or curl. Most importantly, these are designed to suck up the low vibration sounds that can emit throughout your float environment. Standard sizing starts at 55” x 102” and can be customized upon request. Please provide 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Available for $600 CDN + Shipping — Receive a $100 Discount and Free Shipping with all Pro Float Cabin purchases — BUY NOW

Float Centre Starter Kit

How nice would it be to have the basics when you open your float centre? The Float Centre Starter Kit comes with 13 different items and include everything from a Hydrometer, to Scum Buddies, to a Floatease Halo . The Float Centre Starter Kit package was inspired by noticing the needs of our existing Pro Float Cabin customers who were opening up their own float centres and did not have the time, energy, or knowledge to individually source out the items recommended by other float centre owners. How does it work? Pick your 1, 2, or 4 Float Tank package, add additional items as required, and then take advantage of our ability to purchase these items at a wholesale price.


Available in 1 Tank, 2 Tank, or 4 Tank Options + Shipping — Receive Free Shipping with all Pro Float Cabin purchases — ORDER NOW

PQN Sound Transducers

Waterproof Transducers from PQN Audio offer versatility to audio applications. PQN Audio Transducers will provide quality hidden audio emission through existing surfaces without the need to cut typical speaker holes. Completely hidden and completely waterproof, PQN Audio Transducers mount out of sight while needing a mounting depth of only 1.5”. Transform virtually any surface into a wrap-around music experience with PQN Audio Transducers. Originally designed for spa and bath applications, PQN Waterproof Transducers are perfect for new float tank construction as well as retro/replacement applications.



Mandala Ninja Fan

Pro Float is a distributor for The Ninja Fan, which is designed to pull air from the float enclosure, amplifying the existing passive ventilation. Fresh air comes in through the other air ports and air gaps in the tank/pod/cabin, thus dispersing the turbulence and temperature difference. The flow of this fan is subtle, and so far the feedback is unanimous that is just right. Easy breathing, with no noise. In fact, this system is so quiet it can be placed atop the float tank, or even press fit right into the air port! The back of the housing is a 1 1/2″ standard PVC fitting, designed to fit inline with standard float tank air ports.



Taylor Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kits

Pro Float is the official float industry distributor for the Taylor Technologies Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) Test Kits and Reagent Refills. Pick between 3 different sizes of Test Kits, which is based on the size of the Reagents (.75oz, 2oz or 16oz). Pro Float also supplies the Reagent Refills for these test kits in 16 oz (1 pint) bottles.