Pro Float Inc | Is Floating a Smart Move for Students?
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Is Floating a Smart Move for Students?

Is Floating a Smart Move for Students?

Spend even a couple hours on a university campus during exam season, and you’ll understand right away why any method of rest and relaxation is necessary. Even when students aren’t buried in books studying for major tests, often times, they’re staying up late for a multitude of reasons. Meeting a deadline, slurping down coffee before early morning lectures, and pulling out papers anywhere they can to maximize their study time year-round are just a few.

Although floating is an amazing way to relax and feel like yourself, we don’t hear much about it on campus. But we believe that most students would really benefit from sessions in a float tank or float pod. There are a few key things floating can help students with:


Dealing with Stress

The stress of passing tests and acing papers is only half of what students have to go through on a daily basis. That’s on top of issues that may be happening within their families and friend groups.

Even a single session at a float spa can calm the mind and increase relaxation, well beyond the time in the tank. After leaving the tank, floaters will feel a lightness and stillness for hours after and continue to enjoy these effects for days. Continued use will also help keep things in perspective and the mind clear to tackle projects students have to face on the regular.


Conquering Mental Illness

It’s clear that the stresses of today’s students are leading to larger problems other than lack of sleep and other minor issues. According to a 2016 survey, 1 in 5 Canadian students suffers from either depression or anxiety. And it’s no wonder really. Students feel intense pressure to study, work to pay for their studies, and still continue to play an active role in extracurriculars.

Floating has been proven to help ease the symptoms of mental illness by offering sufferers a way to clear their minds and achieve the mental stillness and clarity needed to heal.


Bolstering Creativity and Retention

Time in a tank can lead to thoughts and ideas you never believed possible. You could be a professional coming to conclusions about a decision at work or a student finally realizing how to finish an essay. Either way, there are no limits to the power of the mind once given the downtime it needs to reset.

Give the gift of floating to a student in your life this holiday season. Better yet, find out what it takes to install a personal float tank in your home if you’re a student or live with one. The long-term benefits are many, and more options are coming onto the market for those who want to relax with sensory deprivation at home. Contact us today for more details about our products, or to learn more about the benefits of floating for students.