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Float Above Chronic Pain & Stress

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Float Above Chronic Pain & Stress

Try as you might, sometimes you’re just not ready for what life throws your way.

These challenges manifest themselves in different ways for different people. Some deal with an overwhelming amount of mental stress on a daily basis while others have recurring physical pain as a result.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to know there are ways to cope.

One of those ways is spending some time in a sensory deprivation tank. If you know of an active float centre or someone opening a float centre in your area, you should look into it. The benefits of a float tank on your chronic stress and pain can prove to have a positive impact on your overall mental and physical health.


Understand the Link

From a psychological perspective, there’s  a connection between chronic pain and stress. Most people think that chronic pain is caused by a prolonged injury that has gotten worse over time or has never been fully healed. That’s not always the case, though.

Unresolved emotional issues that cause stress can also be at the core of chronic physical pain. Experts have found that experiencing some sort of traumatic event can impact the development of long-term physical pain. Approximately 15-30% of patients with chronic pain also suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

While this certainly isn’t the case for everyone, the power of the mind can have a great impact on the body. If there are underlying stress and emotional issues causing daily mental anguish, those can often transform into something physical as well.


How Floating Can Help

There are many reasons people spend time in a sensory deprivation tank. It can be as simple as finding a place to relax or reflect.

That said, using a float tank to help with chronic pain and stress is quite common. Having zero stimuli in a float tank helps calm the mind and body by getting rid of distractions and allowing the person to focus on relaxation and meditation.

The benefits vary from person to person, but floating can help in a number of ways. Not only can it lower stress by removing cortisol, it can also promote deep rest and increase dopamine production which can, in turn, have an impact on decreasing pain sensitivity.

Another benefit that most people don’t even realize about being in a float tank is how Epsom salt can raise your magnesium levels. This can ease muscle pain, balance electrolytes, and even help your body manage its insulin levels.

Take the story of Joe Thomas, for instance. After being involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident, a friend told him to try float therapy. Reluctant at first, the experience changed his life. Joe felt the benefits of being in a float tank and made opening a float centre a priority while still undergoing surgery. He now owns and operates Soak Float Center in Salem, Oregon.


Make a Schedule

Like any healing process, a float tank won’t solve your chronic pain or stress overnight. It takes time to adjust to being in a sensory deprivation tank and it takes an ongoing schedule to really master it and get the results you want.

Set aside some time each week to float for about 60-90 minutes. Remember, you can get out of the tank at any time, even if you’re in there for as little as 30 minutes. That said, 60-90 minutes of floating will allow you to unlock the full benefits of Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy — better known as R.E.S.T.

Of course, this varies for everyone. However, you need to make sure you’re challenging yourself to go consistently — especially if you’ve been dealing with particularly painful or stressful days.


Interested in opening a float centre to help people with their chronic pain and stress? Give us a shout for more information about our incredible float tanks and let us help you get started!