Pro Float Inc | Do I Want Different Types of Float Tanks?
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Do I Want Different Types of Float Tanks?

Do I Want Different Types of Float Tanks?

Deciding on the details of your brand-new float centre is no easy feat. There are many intricacies that don’t start to fall into place until you’re facing the issue head-on. Determining how many tanks you need and what type of tanks are best suited to your potential client base are both big questions people often forget to ask themselves before choosing a space. However, the answers to these questions are incredibly important to figure out how much space you’ll actually need and the type of renovations you’ll have to make to accommodate your float tanks.
Also, have you considered the possibility of maintaining different types of tanks in the same space? Offering a variety of solutions (like pods, tanks, cabins and rooms) may be the best fit for your potential clients. However, this could also pose some technical and financial problems, from both a business and facilities standpoint.
Here are some pros and cons of housing different float solutions in the same centre.

PRO: Customers Will Enjoy the Variety of Choice

Has there really ever been a time you didn’t enjoy being given a choice in regards to a service? With massages, it’s often Swedish, hot stone, full-body, back-only, among others. Or maybe you’ve signed up for a yoga class and the choices are endless: Bikram, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, etc.
Generally, when you provide a service, it’s imperative you develop different styles or options to suit different lifestyles, personalities, and physical differences.
It’s no different with a sensory deprivation tank. First-time floaters and tank veterans alike may all decide they’d like to try something new. In this case, offering different solutions may work to your benefit. You’ll acquire new clients (by solving common newbie issues like fear of tight spaces) and retain existing clientele who are hoping to upgrade or change up their usual tank.

CON: More Solutions Means More Parts, Which Means Higher Operating Costs

Pods, tanks, cabins, and rooms all require different parts to start with and different spares for back-up. Sometimes, suppliers will give you discounts if you buy their solution in bulk (a few at a time), which usually leaves you spending less money but for less variety.

PRO: You’ll Be Able to Convert More First-Time Clients to Repeat Customers

If you have a few different tank styles, chances are a first-timer who expressed they didn’t enjoy their session can still be converted. Offer to book them in for a different solution and it’s likely they’ll come back and love it, especially since the more you float, the easier it becomes to settle into your float. Having more than one tank-style allows unsure customers the ability to test out a different solution. It also gives them more reason to try it again and thoroughly enjoy the float as a slightly more experienced floater. The more options, the more repeat clients you can expect to show up, try, and fall in love with floating.

CON: The Science Behind Owning Different Solutions Can Get Tricky.

Don’t forget, each tank has its own appropriate fill level, salt level and necessary pH values that can take ages to perfect. In reality, it may be easier in the long-run to operate all the same tank solutions. Your treatments and testing will be similar across the board, leaving less room for errors.
Bottom line: you know yourself, your limits, your budget, and your customers. Choose the solutions you deem the best for your potential client base and what you really think you can manage.
No matter your floating question, Pro Float Inc. has you covered. Contact us today for more info on opening a float centre.