Pro Float Inc | All About Epsom Salt and Arthritis Relief
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All About Epsom Salt and Arthritis Relief

All About Epsom Salt and Arthritis Relief

Though it’s incredibly common, arthritis is no walk in the park. The many sufferers of arthritis experience pain every single day, oftentimes all day. Arthritis is a condition characterized internally by inflammation of the joints and externally by swelling and redness of the affected area. There isn’t one distinct cause of arthritis, but it may occur because of degeneration of cartilage (often in the elderly), infections, breakdown of joint tissue and as an autoimmune response. Doctors will often prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to sufferers of arthritis but there are alternative methods of easing symptoms and relieving pain. One of these happens to be Epsom Salt, the buoyancy agent in float tanks.


A Bit About Epsom Salt

The history of Epsom salt goes all the way back to the time of Shakespeare when it was discovered in the springs of Epsom, England. In these springs you’ll find an abundance of magnesium sulfate, what is now appropriately referred to as Epsom salt. Contrary to what you may think, Epsom salt isn’t salt at all. It’s actually a pure mineral compound comprised of the minerals magnesium and sulfate, two ingredients that together are beneficial to our bodies. Some believe it’s referred to as salt because of its crystalline appearance which closely resembles table salt, while most scientists agree it’s often wrongly thought to be salt due to its chemical structure.


Magical Magnesium

Have you ever heard of magnesium? Your body definitely knows it well. It’s necessary for pathway and enzyme regulation (more than 325 pathways and enzymes to be specific), contributes to the proper functioning of muscles and nerves, prevents hardening of arteries and reduces inflammation caused by a number of different health conditions including arthritis.

It’s the combined power of magnesium and sulfates in Epsom salt that aids in arthritis relief. Sulfates promote absorption of nutrients, like magnesium, and also have detoxifying properties.

Because there are natural magnesium levels in our bodies, not everyone requires additional magnesium intake. However, some people, including sufferers of arthritis, demonstrate a deficiency in magnesium and therefore require its consumption to reduce inflammation. A great way to increase magnesium levels is with Epsom salt.

Magnesium sulfate can be delivered to our systems via oral ingestion, but studies have shown that stomach acid negates the effects of magnesium supplements. Therefore, the most effective method of absorption is through the skin for relief of swelling and pain caused by arthritis.


How Can Floating Help?

Every sensory deprivation tank — or float cabin like the one we offer — is filled with around 25 cm of water and almost 500 kg of Epsom salt so any person no matter their size is able to float with no effort. While floating, you’ll be almost completely submerged in magnesium sulfate. Many people with arthritis or muscle pain will spend time in an Epsom salt bath to absorb magnesium through their skin, relieving inflammation and helping to temporarily increase magnesium levels in the body. Floating in a tank for an hour session is essentially like submerging in a magnesium sulfate bath but with a much higher level of Epsom salt.


After browsing our website and resources you’ll notice our “Promote the Float” mantra. It’s important to us at Pro Float Inc. that those suffering from arthritis and muscle pain know floating is a proven way to experience relief. If you suffer from arthritis and are searching for a natural method of pain relief, book an appointment at a float centre near you or try out our float cabins at a location that uses our products. If you’d like more information on the health benefits of floating or have questions about opening a float centre, contact us today! We’d love to chat.