Pro Float Inc | Meet the Team
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Meet the Team

Once upon a time a long time ago Chris and Donna stumbled upon the floatation therapy practice (“floating”) where you enter a sensory deprivation chamber and lie in solution of water and epsom salts. Before the discovery of float tanks, Chris had been waking up to chronic back pain and was battling anxiety. But one day they were able to track down float tanks at a float centre 1 hour away and began regularly floating. Because of this, Chris found that he began to have a substantial reduction in his daily chronic back pain and anxiety.


Until finally on day they started an extensive search to find the ideal floatation therapy tank. Although many options for small business owners & personal float tanks existed, they struggled to find a tank that would suit all their needs at a cost they could afford. Because of Chris’s extensive manufacturing experience, he constructed his own personal float tanks in his garage, continued to innovate and develop, and eventually moved on to what we see with The Pro Float Cabin today. Ever since then the journey to refine and develop affordable accessibility to floating has only intensified. The love for floating and providing the best core floating experience will continue to be the driving force of Pro Float Inc.

Book a Call

We LOVE building relationships and learning about what brought you into the world of floating and how you plan to share this with others. One of the first steps is to book a call with us and we will call you at that specified time. It’s that simple. Whether you have questions about receiving a quote, wanting more clarity on specifications, or hoping to get some feedback and direction on the float industry, we are here to support.     

Production Team

We have an amazing production team that handles each and every product build. Our team consists of over specialized individuals who all love innovating, developing, and distributing float industry products. We work as a family at Pro Float Inc with everyone being accessible to help answer questions since the production floor is adjacent to our offices. Everything is assembled, water tested, quality checked, and shipped from our Canadian float manufacturing facility here in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Our Story

Chris and Donna have turned their love for floating into the only Canadian float tank manufacturing company. Their story resonates with the float community and other manufacturers who have been staple in the industry for a very long time.


“Our relationship with the Pro Float Crew was just simply amazing. The entire experience from start to finish has been wonderful. The entire crew treats you as if you are their closest family members right out of the gate!”

- Sean Hodgson, Motor City Float

“I appreciated the knowledge sharing – the process was explained in detail, our questions were answered and some that we didn’t even know were questions were in deed answered as well. We also LOVED that when we stopped in for a visit at the processing facility we were given one-on- one time with the owners. It reassured us that we have made the right choice. We would recommend, without hesitation, the ProFloat Family!!”

- Meredith Messett, REST ASSURED Kootenay Floats

“The relationship was very important. We had not expected to be so fortunate as to find a Canadian manufacturer, let alone one established in B.C. The Float business is essentially about provided a service for people. Without people there would be no customers, no suppliers, no business. So to find these tech-savvy people who are also exceptionally human-centric was a great discovery. We went with Cabins as our research indicted that almost 50% of the general population would not go into the smaller Samadhi or pods. Since our trading area is limited to approximately 65,000 we felt we could not afford to not have Cabins. I like their size, obviously but also the feedback from our guests – the feedback is they also enjoy the spaciousness as well. You guys ROCK.”

- Daniel Messett, REST ASSURED Kootenay Floats

“I can’t even say how helpful the Pro Floaters have been walking me through the whole buying experience. Willing to answer any and all questions related to floating. Layout of the float center, dimensions of the rooms, marketing questions, help dealing with local health department. The list goes on. Buying a float cabin from Pro Float is buying much more than the actual cabin. I must have had ten phone conversations (not to mention all the emails) before I even bought the cabins. Always prompt in returning my calls and emails with any questions I have.”

- Stephen Bryla