Pro Float Inc | You Need How Many Tanks?
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You Need How Many Tanks?

You Need How Many Tanks?

So, you’re loving the float life? The relaxation you feel, the pain relief you’re enjoying, the soft skin and the creative inspiration you’re finding. All of it! Researching sensory deprivation has become part of your evening ritual and telling every person you meet about the benefits of floating is your favourite way to strike up a conversation. At this point, you live to float and float to live. The next step to promote the float and spread your love of tanks is to open your own float tank centre.

But where do you start?

Well, of course you’ll need to find a property. However, before shopping for a space, you have to decide how many tanks you’ll start with.

Determining how many people will use your centre can be a bit tricky but is essential information to acquire before purchasing any tanks. Although floating is becoming more and more popular, generally a certain type of crowd gravitates towards it. That crowd tends to include people who are more health-conscious and who have tried other methods of relaxation and meditation through services like massage, acupuncture or yoga. Start by figuring out what size of this demographic resides in the area of your centre. Find out how many health spas exist in your community and how long their client lists are. Same goes for yoga studios and gyms.

Keep in mind you might have to work towards creating your own market through awareness campaigns. Because floating is a growing practice, make sure you develop a marketing plan aimed at informing the people in your community about the benefits of stepping into a float tank as we at Pro Float Inc. do via blog posts and social media.

When you decide there’s a large enough market to open your center, you can choose how many tanks to buy.

Though purchasing one or two tanks might seem like a safe way to start out or to test your market, it poses a few financial problems from the get-go. Unless you’re planning on running, managing and working the opening hours of the business on your own, your labour costs for staffing a center with a single tank will likely outweigh any profit you might make. It doesn’t make sense for one person to work alone at a float center since set-up for a client and room and tank cleanup in between uses requires staff to be away from reception/the till. So ultimately you’ll probably require two tank-trained staff during opening hours.

If you really only want one or two tanks in your centre, amalgamating floating with other wellness services like massage may be more profitable for you. Renting some space to chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc. could also be a way for you to subsidise the cost of offering floating to clients.

Set on opening a float-only centre?

Three or four tanks should be your starting number. You’ll be able to book enough appointments to pay a couple employees and still make a profit each month or at least break even in the beginning. It’s also to your benefit, if you believe the market is large enough in your community, to ensure you keep two or three extra rooms ready to go if you get busy enough to add more tanks. If soundproofing and plumbing is all set up in these extra rooms from the beginning, it’ll be easier on your mind and wallet when you decide to upgrade.

To be honest, opening with any number higher than six tanks in a centre might be a bit excessive. Although your market may seem large enough to account for a bunch of tanks, in the end the more tanks you have the more opportunities you have for them to sit unbooked. Starting small and building up is generally the way to go. Once you hit six tanks, if your books are filled day after day consider instead opening a new centre in a different region to expand your brand and reach clients who may not otherwise come to your current location.

In the end, this is your passion and your baby, and you need to make decisions that you deem right for your centre in your area and your business. We love floating and strongly believe in the power of sensory deprivation, and wish you the best of luck promoting the float. When it comes time to purchase your tanks, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our tanks and for more advice on opening your own float centre.