Pro Float Inc | Is Opening A Float Centre Right For Me?
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Is Opening A Float Centre Right For Me?

Is Opening A Float Centre Right For Me?

Opening a float centre can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It can help people quell external stimuli through meditation and alleviate muscle aches and other health conditions.
That said, entering the float tank business doesn’t come without its challenges.
In order to have real success opening a float centre, it’s important to have a good understanding of what to expect early on. Passion and patience are key in starting any business and it’s no different in the float tank industry.
Here are a few important things to keep in mind before making a significant financial commitment to your float centre.

Why You?

Perhaps the most pressing question is the simplest one of all: why should you be in the float tank business? Almost anyone can go out and buy a sensory deprivation tank, but not everyone possesses the ability to sell people on its benefits.
A good starting point is thinking about the area you want to conduct your business in. Do your research. Are people in the neighbourhood health-conscious? Are there other competitors within close vicinity? Could local athletes benefit from it?
Another crucial part of the process is branding and marketing. What sets your float tank business apart from others? How are you going to attract clients? You can use traditional means such as word-of-mouth and flyers or take it to television and the Internet. There are many ways to bring people in, but you have to know how ahead of time.
Make sure you know the answers to these questions before making any serious business commitments.

Pay to Play

Now that you’ve decided you’re the right person to operate a float centre, you have to know about some of the costs involved.
Buying a sensory deprivation tank outright can be costly. Float tanks cost thousands of dollars and most float centres have more than one in their space. There’s also the option of leasing, which can be a great alternative to financing your float tank through a bank. For tax purposes, you can also write off the entire lease payment.
Startup costs include essentially everything you need to start your business. This includes preparing the space, utilities, licensing and permit costs for the building you’re in. These are crucial steps in ensuring the long-term success of your business. You need to possess superb organizational skills to sustain your business.

Knowledge is Power

Industry and product knowledge cannot be overstated. If you’re looking to get into the float centre business, you need to understand the nuances that can make you stand out.
How do you do that? Well, there’s really no better way than to get out and try the product out for yourself. Go see other successful float centres and see what they’re doing well and where you can provide a stronger experience for clients. Researching competitors is crucial in an industry where a lot of businesses are offering a similar product.
People need to trust that you know what you’re doing. They need to see your passion and that you have more than a surface-level understanding of float tanks.

Ready to Float?

Above everything else, float centres are about helping people. You have to take the time and have a genuine care for your clients and earn their trust.
If you think your personality and resources are made for the float tank business, contact us for a free quote and see how Pro Float can help get your float centre off the ground.