Pro Float Inc | How to Tap Into Your Creativity
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How to Tap Into Your Creativity

How to Tap Into Your Creativity

Depending on who you talk to, tapping into your creativity can be done any number of ways. Some say that daydreaming is your best bet while others believe curiosity is key. What many people don’t seem to realize is that float therapy is an effective tool in unlocking one’s imagination.

In fact, in a study published by the Journal of Environmental Psychology, university students were found to have higher creative capacity immediately after floating. The study suggested that due to an increase in vigor and a maintenance of curiosity scores, participants were provided creative benefits.

For anyone interested in tapping into their creativity, this has massive potential. But before you dive deep into a Pro Float Cabin, hoping to pop out like some sort of Picasso, we do have some tips to more effectively exercise your mind. Here are four tips to properly tap into your creativity,


Even before you step foot inside a float tank, think about what you’d like to focus on. As expressive as your random thoughts may be, without proper direction, you may not end up with anything concrete. Your average artist always has a goal in mind, and you should have a similar way of thinking. Depending on your area of interest, focus on what you might like to explore. For instance, if you are a painter hoping to envision an upcoming project, decide on what you might like to capture, and go from there. You will find you can achieve the best results when you are completely aware of your goal.

Be Specific

Now that you’ve settled on your focus, try to flesh it out a bit. Inside of the float tank, you will have ample time to poke and prod, asking yourselves question about your creative pursuit. For instance, if you are a woodworking trying to come up with your next piece, ask yourself about its size, feel and purpose. Allow yourself to think freely about the subject and take it on in different ways.


Thoughts have momentum, and what that means is by giving them proper attention, you can take them beyond their logical conclusion. For anyone who is trying to think creatively, this is incredibly useful. Being able to think unconventionally and in new ways is great for our minds and a wonderful tool for artists. Try to guide your thoughts in the direction you’d like and then see how far you can take it.

Mark it Down

Like you might do after a dream, make sure to write down your creative discoveries as soon as you’ve left the float tank. People tend to be forgetful, so you might miss out on a ton of great material if you don’t record it. Writers have often emphasized the importance of keeping a diary or journal and this isn’t that much different.


Sensory deprivation can be used for innumerable purposes, but its ability to increase creativity may be one of its most fascinating. Whether you’re interested in pursuing something artistic or are simply hoping to experience something new, follow these instructions and see your results. It’s important to remember that float therapy is as much for the mental as it is the physical. Check out our blog for more great content.