Pro Float Inc | How Floating Can Increase Workplace Productivity
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How Floating Can Increase Workplace Productivity

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How Floating Can Increase Workplace Productivity

Maintaining uninterrupted focus at work is easier said than done. Employers would like to think their employees have their noses to the grindstone for eight or so hours a day. However, the reality is that workplace productivity dips are almost impossible to avoid.
Of course, there are different things people can do to retain their workplace focus. They can go outside for a walk to get some fresh air during lunch. They can spend an hour in the gym to get some exercise. They can even chat with co-workers about weekend plans to get out of work mode for a few minutes.
All these options are viable, but spending time in a sensory deprivation tank may give workers the best long-term benefits they need to increase productivity. It also works both ways. Employers can get more out of their employees at work, while employees can perform better and keep their heads above water (no pun intended).

Sensory Deprivation Slows Down Stress

Stress in the workplace is inevitable. There are deadlines and duties that must be adhered to and not always a lot of time to do everything. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that stress is also one of the biggest culprits of workplace productivity issues.
Scheduling a float tank session can certainly help in that regard. Since your mind is always active at work, floating gives you a chance to unwind. In fact, it kind of leaves you no choice. There’s no phone buzzing in the background or email alerts to answer. It’s a really unique stress-free environment that can only be achieved through sensory deprivation.
There are also added health benefits of floating that can positively impact stress levels. Reducing cortisol transmission and lowering blood pressure can affect brain activity that stress ignites. It’s really about slowing down your active mind and giving it some rest in a similar way your body needs after extraneous activity. Since work can be an extraneous activity of the mind, the recovery of your mind should be a priority.

Float Towards a Healthier You

Not everyone has an office job where their mind is constantly working. For these people, stress might not even be the worst of their issues — it can be something physical.
People who work in trades or any kind of physically-charged industry are perfect candidates for float tank therapy. If you work in a line of work where your body is constantly being pushed, the recovery needs to properly reflect that. For someone working at a construction site 10-12 hours a day, they might not feel like a nice park stroll at lunch.
Floating is a great way to relieve muscle pain. Taking some time to soak in Epsom salts creates a sense of weightlessness that can improve long-term muscle health. This is the same reason professional athletes who put their bodies through the ringer on a regular basis also love float tanks.

The Best Rest You Can Get

If you’ve met someone who goes to work every single day without ever being tired — introduce us because we’d like to clone them.
For the vast majority of people, there are many occasions when we get to a point in the work day where we feel tired and unmotivated. It could be at the beginning or end of the day, but it always happens at some point.
Floating can help with that workplace restlessness. Since this often stems from stress and anxiety related to work before bed, sleep patterns can be disrupted as a result. Falling asleep in a float tank is equal to 4-5 hours of a very restful sleep. It can also help you have a deeper and more consistent sleep when you go home as well.
Want to help people reach their full work potential through floating? Give us a shout for more information about opening a float centre and our incredible float tanks. We’re here to help!