Pro Float Inc | How Floating Can Help You Rise Above Mental Illness
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How Floating Can Help You Rise Above Mental Illness

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How Floating Can Help You Rise Above Mental Illness

Mental illness comes in many different forms. The tired stereotype of being confined to a psychiatric ward is not the only way to define a person as “mentally ill.” It doesn’t even tell the full story. In actual fact, mental illness is much more common and prevalent in today’s society.
This is a reality we suffer from in Canada, too. One in five Canadians will personally experience a mental health problem or illness in their lifetime. It can be the person with severe body dysmorphia who obsesses over their physical appearance. Or it may be the person who hears voices in their head. It could even be someone who appears happy and joyful on the outside but is deeply depressed on the inside.
Whatever form mental illness takes, it’s a disorder that touches so many people around the world. With such a large number of people struggling on a daily basis, we need to find ways to help these people quell their minds in a positive way. Float therapy is one such method, and while it’s not the ultimate cure for mental illness in itself, it can make the lives of people who suffer from it easier.

Clear Your Mind

For someone suffering from a mental illness, life can seem overwhelming all the time. Regular work days can turn into tortuous hours on a clock. A commute becomes the source of anxiety and angst. Even cooking a meal can be a struggle depending on the day.
People who have a mental illness need a place to really clear their mind. With so much activity happening in the brain at all times, it is crucial that some form of clarity is established. Float therapy can offer a such a place for you to strip away outside senses that can cause the mind to wander.
Spending time in a float pod or tank is also a great way to meditate and practice true mental stillness. Giving your mind the ability to rest can work wonders.

A Preventative Measure

Outside of helping alleviate certain mental illness symptoms, floating can also be helpful in potentially preventing it altogether.
The Washington Post cited two separate studies that addressed this directly. One was a small 2011 pilot study that suggested floating might promote employee health and prevent the need for sick leave. The other was a randomized trial published in 2014 that found healthy participants reported significantly decreased depression and anxiety, along with increased optimism after floating.
This is especially good news for people who suffer specifically from anxiety as the disorder has seen a significant spike since the end of World War II.

Refreshed and Renewed

It’s one thing to feel the benefits of being in a float spa while you’re there, it’s another once you actually walk out. Whether it’s sensory deprivation at home or a professionally run float centre, the sensation of feeling refreshed and renewed is always there.
Your first time in a float pod or tank can be daunting, but the feeling afterwards is worth it. That sense of calm and clarity touches your entire body, and your mind can genuinely feel rejuvenated. While it can take a little time to master the art of floating, taking the necessary steps towards learning can really help you rise above your mental illness symptoms.
Find out more about how floating can help you face your mental illness with confidence. Our state-of-the-art float tanks can give you the extra help you need to calm your mind. Give us a shout to find out more.