Pro Float Inc | How Float Therapy Can Help You Lead a Healthy Life
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How Float Therapy Can Help You Lead a Healthy Life

How Float Therapy Can Help You Lead a Healthy Life

When it comes to living a healthy life, there’s still no substitute for exercise and eating right. But by engaging in regular float therapy, you can profit from additional health benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons of each of these these activities are fantastic for you.

Five Reasons to Exercise

It’ll help with depression

Although modern medicine can work wonders for people who suffer from depression, exercise is shown to do the very same. According to the Mayo Clinic, it may help ease symptoms by releasing feel-good endorphins.

It can reduce stress

In the same vein, breaking a sweat has been shown to be one of the best ways to cleanse cortisol – the stress inducing hormone. If you ever find that you’re getting overly anxious, you may just need to include exercise in your daily routine.

It helps curb cravings

If you’re having a tough time saying no to sugar, cigarettes or other harmful vices, exercise could be the key to kicking the habit. According to one study, the endorphin rush released by intense activity acts on the same neural pathways as addictive substances.

It will lower your risk of disease

Depending on how often you talk to your doctor, this one might be a given. But it’s actually crazy how many different diseases regular exercise will help prevent. Metabolic syndrome, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, the list goes on! If you’ve ever wished for a cure all medication, regular activity is as close as you’re going to get.

It strengthens bones

As we get older, it’s easy to take our bones for granted, but after one small slip, you could feel a big break. One study found that the best way to improve bone density was by doing weight-bearing exercises, such as running or dancing.

Five Reasons to Eat Healthy

It’ll save you sick days

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Believe it or not, but there’s real truth to the age-old saying. According to one study, people who eat more produce get sick less often.

It’ll save you money

Organic groceries may cost more in the short term, but by eating less processed foods and lean meats, you’ll reduce costs on health problems in the future.

It gives you energy

When it comes to increasing your energy levels, eating a balanced diet is said to be much better for you than coffee or energy drinks. Using your blender, mix together a balance of carbohydrates for quick energy and complex proteins to increase your mental performance.

It’ll help you relax

Along with turkey, tryptophan can be found in many healthy foods, such as dark chocolate, dried fruit, eggs and dairy. Researchers found that men deprived of tryptophan experienced an immediate increase in anxiety, but once they were given it again, calmed right down.

It’ll make you smarter

Eat more fish and you may find that your cognitive capacity has been increased. Likewise, eating more healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants will help with memory loss.

Five Reasons to Float

It’ll improve your mental health

People often experience massive reductions in stress, anxiety and depressions after regular floating.

It’ll improve your skin and hair

Thanks to all the Epsom salt in the water, regular float therapy has been shown to improve your skin’s condition as well as the health of your hair. For those that suffer from psoriasis and eczema, floating is also a reliable treatment.

It helps relieve chronic pain

Chronic pain can be hell to deal with, but with proper treatment it becomes much more manageable. Float therapy can help reduce muscle tension and the pain associated with it, lasting up for weeks or months after a single session.

It’ll improve your creativity

Floating has been linked to increased creative and abstract thinking, as well as being able to improve one’s ability to problem solve.

It’ll help you sleep

Not only can floating reduce your stress levels, but it can encourage more regular sleeping patterns. Float therapy is often used to treat insomnia because it is known to facilitate deeper sleep for several days following each float session.

By combining all three activities, you’ll be on your way to a supremely healthy life. For more information regarding the benefits of floating, check out our blog.