Pro Float Inc | How Float Tanks Can Unlock Your Athletic Potential
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How Float Tanks Can Unlock Your Athletic Potential

sensory deprivation tank

How Float Tanks Can Unlock Your Athletic Potential

Athletes push their bodies and minds past their limits almost every day. In order to compete at a high level, it takes an incredible amount of discipline and resolve, but that can eventually wear them down if not properly addressed.
This is why recovery is such an integral part of the sporting process. Staying mentally and physically sharp is not only an important piece of being an athlete, it can quite literally be the difference between success and failure in many cases.
Using a sensory deprivation tank is one way that athletes can maintain their peak mental and physical condition. Floatation therapy has been part of professional sports since the early 1980s and the benefits of this practice are undeniable.

A Clear Mind

Being an athlete takes a superhuman amount of mental strength. As a high-performance athlete, you’re expected to put on stellar performances in high-pressure situations all the time. You can really start questioning yourself, though, if your mind isn’t in sync with your body.
Whether you’re a fighter or a golfer, countless athletes can relate to the feeling of cracking under pressure. What if I lose? What if I’m not good enough to be here? What happens if I get injured? What will happen to my career? These are very real concerns athletes have all the time.
Spending some time in a float tank before a big match can have an immediate impact on stress levels. It can quell anxiety and ease the mind so there’s not as much tension heading into an already mentally taxing scenario.
Additionally, being in a float tank can also help with visualization. This is one of the key aspects of an athlete’s mental process and it can even enhance their performance. If a fighter, for example, can’t visualize how they’re going to beat their opponent in the ring, then the side effects of that can be devastating. Practicing visualization and a positive mindset while soaking in a float tank is hugely beneficial.

The Body Is a Temple

Being mentally strong is a huge component of any athletic endeavour. But what good is a well-rested mind with a banged up body?
Injuries occur in every sport you can think of. Regardless of how physically demanding the activity itself is, bruises and breaks happen to everyone. And here’s the thing, they can have long-term effects if not handled carefully in the recovery process.
Bathing in a float tank with Epsom salt can have immediate benefits on the body. They can relax muscles and alleviate the strain of lingering pain. Everyday aches that are commonplace even after a hard practice can be helped in a float tank. In fact, many professional teams have made it a standard procedure.
It’s important to note, however, that while a sensory deprivation tank can definitely help with the recovery process, they can’t mend broken bones. That said, if athletes spend time in a float tank, they can actually reduce their risk of injury by loosening tense muscles and having more control over their nervous system.

Take the First Step

Helping athletes reach their mental and physical peak is a noble cause. Giving individuals the tools they need to succeed at a high level is one of the biggest perks of opening a float centre.
If you’re thinking about opening a float centre to help athletes, contact us for a free quote and see how Pro Float can help you get started today.