Pro Float Inc | Celebrities Float Too (read to the end for a free gift!)
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Celebrities Float Too (read to the end for a free gift!)

Celebrities Float Too (read to the end for a free gift!)

Since 1954, when neuropsychiatrist John C. Lilly developed the first isolation tank, there has been much research into the benefits of floating and sensory deprivation. In fact, Pro Float has pushed a lot of the research as of late! Although the physical body greatly benefits from floating by means of pain relief, muscle tension reduction and reduced injury recovery times, there are also a plethora of benefits for the mind like increased levels of creativity, intensified visualisation and focus, reduced stress levels, endorphin release, mental clarity and decreased anxiety levels.


With all these benefits relating to the body and mind it’s no surprise that many famous creative minds, authors, politicians, actors, athletes and musicians have fallen in love with floating.


Actor Jeff Bridges regularly practices mindfulness through meditation and is also an active member of the floating community. Bridges was a friend of float tank inventor John C. Lilly before he died in 2001, and continues to speak highly of the benefits of sensory deprivation and float tanks.


Joe Rogan, a famous podcaster, comedian, UFC commentator, and host of television show Fear Factor strongly advocates for the use and benefits of sensory deprivation tanks. He even speaks about floating on episode #40 of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience:

“The sensory deprivation chamber has been the most important tool for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving,” he says. “It gives you amazing energy. The tension release that you have in your body from a couple hours in the tank is incredible. You feel lighter, you feel like there’s more oxygen in your body, you feel more vibrant.”  


It is said that Beatles singer John Lennon overcame an intense heroin addiction in part with the help of isolation chambers. He used a vessel made of cedar-wood and floated for 90-minute intervals in a saline solution, claiming it gave him the same sensation he felt while intoxicated and used it as an alternative to drug consumption.


Chef and television host Anthony Bourdain has said that beyond helping reduce back pain and promoting feelings of relaxation, floating enhanced his perception of colours. He also said his taste for and abilities to distinguish flavours became more visceral and intense.


During an interview with David Letterman, Saturday Night Live actress and comedian Kristen Wiig spoke very highly of her experience in a sensory deprivation tank: 

“It’s pitch black… you can’t see your hand in front of your face, you can’t hear anything. The water’s the temperature of your body so you just kind of feel nothing.” And how did she feel after? “You come out and everything’s great…[the effects] last for a while and your skin feels really good.”


Many other celebrities such as Jim Carey, Michael Jackson, Susan Sarandon, Neil Young and Peter Gabriel have also been known to enjoy (or have enjoyed) the practice of floating.


Needless to say, we could go on and on. The bottom line is, celebrities are humans, so are you, and if they float, so should you!  *That wasn’t supposed to rhyme, but we got lucky. Feel free to use that slogan in any of your marketing and think of it as a gift from Pro Float!*


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