Pro Float Inc | Benefits of Floating
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Benefits of Floating

Benefits of Floating

  • Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Meditation, Creativity
  • Pain reduction (ex: rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle/joint tension, headaches, back injury, autoimmune disorders)
  • Muscle and joint repair and recovery post injury
  • Decrease anxiety and stress
  • Anti-gravity environment reduces sensation of physical strain on body
  • Pain relief during pregnancy
  • Improves quality of skin / detoxification
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increases immune system functioning
  • Assists with behaviour modification (ex: quitting addictions)
  • Release of endorphins
  • Introspection
  • Improved cognitive functioning and mental clarity
  • Improved sleep

EVERY cell in the human body requires magnesium to function. Many health problems associated by not having enough magnesium in the body (ex: bone/joint pain, depression/anxiety, hair loss, heart attacks/diabetes, chronic fatigue sydrome, insomnia, and virtually all chronic and autoimmune disorders). Most efficient method of Magnesium and Sulfate Absorption, via skin, the largest organ

Benefits of Magnesium & Sulfate Absorption

Epsom salt is used in floatation tanks and is the key to creating such a buoyant environment. Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) and bathing in such a solution will provide anyone an enormous list of benefits for both the body and the mind!

80% of Americans are magnesium deficient, and according to Health Canada 43% of Canadians are as well. In fact, it’s widely believed that those numbers are even higher, given that almost 70% of North Americans do not ingest the recommended daily allowance of Magnesium. Doctors say it stems largely from the increasing prevalence of processed foods in our diets, and unfortunately the blood test used to check magnesium levels is not an accurate measure of whether the body has enough magnesium (can be deficient in the cells/bones).

Magnesium helps regulate the activity of over 300 enzymes in the body, and EVERY cell in the human body requires magnesium to function.

Sulfate helps to flush toxins, and aids in forming proteins in joints, brain tissue, and mucin.

Doctors say that soaking in an Epsom salt bath is a safe, easy, NATURAL way to increase the body’s levels of magnesium and sulfate. Research supports that there is no damage to the kidneys by bathing in high concentrations of Epsom salt.